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Talking about How Successful CEOs Respond to Failure – David Silverman –

How Successful CEOs Respond to Failure

I would like to re-title this: “How Successful People Respond to Failure”. During my job search and seeking out clients for my business, I cannot help but think how did I get here? Did I do something wrong? Did I forget to turn right when I was suppose to turn left? I feel like a failure because I have not secured employment since January. I also feel like a failure because I have not secured a client whose willing to pay for my marketing services. I cannot help but draw parallels between the two: securing a job where my skills are valuable and securing a client whose willing to pay for those skills. The one thing to note about failure is that it can happen to anyone and it is the attitude in which one takes to overcome such failure. The gist of the story is that failure sometimes cannot be avoided and I agree with that theory. No matter what I do, how well I do it, where I do it, somewhere along the line, failure was due to happen to me. Through all of this, my attitude is to  take the lessons I learned, hold my head up and keep it moving. After all, failure does not have a name on it.



Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resilience as an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. When I became unemployed earlier this year, I knew it was going to be for a short period of time. However, as weeks and months started to pass, reality started to set in. I clearly underestimated the job marketplace and the industry in which I loved was going through a major transformation. Being unemployed helped me become more resilient than I thought I could ever be. As I continue to search for full-time employment and start soliciting business for my company, The M.A.P. Groupe LLC, I find that I am resilient in attitude and mindset.


Nook, eBook Reader, eBook Device – Barnes & Noble

Nook, eBook Reader, eBook Device – Barnes & Noble

Today, Barnes & Noble introduces their new eBook reading device. The jury is still out as to how consumers are fast adopting the new digital landscape.  I am an avid book reader and still have not adopted such an electronic device. I want an interactive experience when I am reading and prefer to have it in color. I figure if I am going to be able to read magazines on an eBook, I would prefer the same experience of seeing the pages in color. Since Amazon’s Kindle started setting the tone for such eBook reading devices, I believe Apple is going to change the game. Rumor has it that their eBook reader will launch in the first quarter of 2010. I can’t wait.


Looking Ahead to the Bright Spot

Last week I finished two proposals for two prospective clients. One was an author whose looking to self publish a book and another was a start up company looking to market a staffing company. I delivered  the prosposals within 72 hours of when they initially approached me.  I really became excited because I had two opportunities drop into my lap within days of one another. I believe I put together a very competitive proposal to win their business. I have not heard from either propsect as of this writing, but I am sure, I will begin having a dialogue with them as to how my services can benefit them.


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