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Trying to get the monkey off my back pt. 1

He weighs a ton. I am sick of him. I have nicknamed him “Andy”. He will not go away. He started off as a new born but over the past 4 years, he has grown into a full 65 pound adult monkey.  Can you imagine carrying all of that extra weight on your back along with your current weight? You would think I would have lost a couple of pounds so the weight of the monkey would  not seem so heavy. Instead, I gained weight and added more pounds. So with the monkey and my extra weight, I am a hot mess.


For 2013, my goal is to get him off of my back. First, I will start small and put him on a diet so he can lose some weight. That will make him manageable as I carry him around. Secondly, I will pass the monkey to someone else. Check out this great article from Harvard Business Review that asks the question, “Who’s Got The Monkey?”. I really do not care who has him just as long as he is not on my back. Lastly, when he shows up (oh he will), I will not let him set up residence. I will make sure of that. I will gladly hand him over to the next able body to carry him around.


sending out an APB for my mojo; if you find it, please send me a text to come and pick it up

I am 15 weeks out from the NYC 1/2 Marathon. I haven’t even started training. What is wrong with me? I know I’m not going to run this 1/2 marathon without training. For the past several months, I have done some light running. When I say “light”, I mean running to catch a bus or train or doing 1-2 miles once a week. H.A.M! (If you have to ask what H.A.M. stands for, you don’t need to know.) I’m giving myself the “10-week” mark to begin to do some sort of movement. I have been taking yoga but less face it, will I ever bend like her?

How does one go about finding their mojo? I guess in order to find it, you must have had to have it in the first place. I can’t say I didn’t have it but it sure did feel like it. Running those weekly races and clocking the weekly miles like you won a badge of honor. For the races, you would over exaggerate about the miles you were running to see if you can one up the other person as you stood in your corals before the race began. This was an honor, a privilege to be amongst the “runners” and to know you were one of them. I miss that camaraderie. Also, I had a training partner, my sister. Getting up at the crack of dawn to run those miles was not a box of chocolates but I did feel that I was moving towards a goal. OK mojo, I am on the hunt looking for you.


Five Lessons We Can Learn From Olivia Pope | Madame Noire | Black Women’s Lifestyle Guide | Black Hair | Black Love


Five Lessons We Can Learn From Olivia Pope


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