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Pressing into Him

Thank you Chris for sharing this.

Chris Martin Writes

The last two or three weeks have been absolutely amazing.

Having learned that an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father is paramount, I’ve continued meeting with Him in the secret place. There are no words available to me that can describe how awesome this communion has been. The one thing I can say is that He is so much more real to me now than ever before.

He’s been here all along, patiently waiting for me to see how screwed up my priorities have been over the years. When I finally came crawling back to Him on my knees, He didn’t respond like we would.

He didn’t say “Well, you have to prove yourself now. I need to know you are serious this time.”

He didn’t say “Well, it’s about time. I’ve been watching you mess everything up.”

He didn’t say “You need to get your act together before you…

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Creative Outlet; Getting Unstuck

I am up for the challenge. Are you?


The Prusuit of the Ball

Recently, I attended a baseball game. I had amazing seats…10 seats from 1st base. The weather was perfect for an evening game. As I settled into my seat along come two guys who set to the left of me. In about ten minutes, a group of three men and one woman set to the right of me. As the players were being announced, a guy on the right side group announced “I’m going to get me a baseball tonight.” I was like “wow”, He sure is confident. The game begins and along with some fly balls, pop ups and two home runs, no ball has come towards the direction of where I was seating. By the fifth inning, the score was tied and the opposing team was up at bat. The hitter hit the ball and it clearly was a pop up ball in foul territory. However, this one was different. This ball was headed in the direction where I was seated. All the men on the right and both men on my left were up with arms stretched waiting for the ball to descend downward. The guy in the group on the right side of me, the one who made the declaration, actually did catch the ball. However, the ball bounced out of his hand and onto the ground where it rolled under my feet to the guy on the left side of me. He scoops it up and gives his buddy a high five. The man on the right was hollering about how he had the ball in his hands and it bounced out. He was devastated. He was so mad with himself of how he had something that he coveted, and lost it within milliseconds. To further torture himself, the guy on the right, asked the guy on the left, he could take pictures of himself with the ball that he titled, “the ball that got away.” This lead me to an epiphany. How many times have we wanted something so bad and we almost had it, but for some reason, we never did get it or it was within our grasp and something happened which caused us not to get what we wanted? The guy on the left with the ball, after he caught it, took a picture of the ball and continued to enjoy the game. The guy on the right, after taking a photo of the ball he never did catch, he continued to talk about how he almost had the ball and it bounced out of his hand. My aha moment came to me. When you want something so bad it may come to you but you may not be ready for it. Its when you don’t “covet” something, it comes to you in a miraculous way. The attitude of the guy on my left versus the guy on my right were like night and day. The guy on the right came to get something and will leave with nothing. The guy on my left, came with no expectations, and left with something. Sometimes, we have to just let go and let things take its course. We cannot force it or try and will it if it is not meant to be for us.


The Race To Push The Button

The office building I work in has 4 elevator banks; 2 on the right and 2 on the left. Sitting in between the two elevators is the button to call the elevator to the floor where you currently are. When you arrive in the designated space and you do not see an elevator available or one waiting for you, you simply push the button which signals that you are available to ride the elevator. Seems pretty elementary right? The other morning at 7:15am, I walked toward’s my building’s elevator bank, distracted as I looked for my security badge in my purse, I was startled to feel a cool breeze fly by me. Out of no where, came a guy who literally rushed passed me to push the elevator button. Could he be late for an appointment I asked? It was early in the morning so he may have been late. Why the need to rush to push the elevator button as if something magical is going to happen? By pushing the elevator button first, does it signal that he “won” something? Not sure what he won but he did beat me to the button. So as we waited for the elevator, another man came and pushed the already lit button. Now, I’m no rocket science but I’m thinking, if the elevator button is already lit when you arrive in the elevator bank, it means that a call for the elevator has been activated. Why did he feel he needed to re-push the already lit elevator button? As if his pushing of the button meant the elevator would appear faster.  Have we become such a “now” society that even waiting on the elevator is becoming antiquated? Is there no way for Scotty to beam us up to the floor we need to be on rather than stand and wait for the elevator? I am shifting the “wait” paradigm. Waiting is good.  I will wait on the elevator  patiently and expectantly, after all, it is on it”s way. I just have to be ready to enter when it arrives.


Trying to get the monkey off my back pt. 1

He weighs a ton. I am sick of him. I have nicknamed him “Andy”. He will not go away. He started off as a new born but over the past 4 years, he has grown into a full 65 pound adult monkey.  Can you imagine carrying all of that extra weight on your back along with your current weight? You would think I would have lost a couple of pounds so the weight of the monkey would  not seem so heavy. Instead, I gained weight and added more pounds. So with the monkey and my extra weight, I am a hot mess.


For 2013, my goal is to get him off of my back. First, I will start small and put him on a diet so he can lose some weight. That will make him manageable as I carry him around. Secondly, I will pass the monkey to someone else. Check out this great article from Harvard Business Review that asks the question, “Who’s Got The Monkey?”. I really do not care who has him just as long as he is not on my back. Lastly, when he shows up (oh he will), I will not let him set up residence. I will make sure of that. I will gladly hand him over to the next able body to carry him around.


sending out an APB for my mojo; if you find it, please send me a text to come and pick it up

I am 15 weeks out from the NYC 1/2 Marathon. I haven’t even started training. What is wrong with me? I know I’m not going to run this 1/2 marathon without training. For the past several months, I have done some light running. When I say “light”, I mean running to catch a bus or train or doing 1-2 miles once a week. H.A.M! (If you have to ask what H.A.M. stands for, you don’t need to know.) I’m giving myself the “10-week” mark to begin to do some sort of movement. I have been taking yoga but less face it, will I ever bend like her?

How does one go about finding their mojo? I guess in order to find it, you must have had to have it in the first place. I can’t say I didn’t have it but it sure did feel like it. Running those weekly races and clocking the weekly miles like you won a badge of honor. For the races, you would over exaggerate about the miles you were running to see if you can one up the other person as you stood in your corals before the race began. This was an honor, a privilege to be amongst the “runners” and to know you were one of them. I miss that camaraderie. Also, I had a training partner, my sister. Getting up at the crack of dawn to run those miles was not a box of chocolates but I did feel that I was moving towards a goal. OK mojo, I am on the hunt looking for you.


Five Lessons We Can Learn From Olivia Pope | Madame Noire | Black Women’s Lifestyle Guide | Black Hair | Black Love


Five Lessons We Can Learn From Olivia Pope


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