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Five Lessons We Can Learn From Olivia Pope


blog post: Do you work here?

A female customer asked me as I was straightening up the hosiery/tights section in a major department store. There were two associates standing by the cash register caught up in a discussion about last evenings reality TV show finale regarding a part of the state I reside in. I paused and said, “no, but I should be.”  I was looking for tights in a specific color and size. Granted, I have more time on my hands than many shoppers,  so I began picking up items off of the floor and placing them back into their respective place. But, if I was rushing through on my lunch hour or had limited time, entering a section that was disorganized, items on the floor and associates standing around talking,  I would have left the store vowing never to return. The customer saw that I was the only one who looked like I was doing “work” hence the question, “do you work here?” She needed help and wanted to know which brand I would recommend. Now, again, I have just told her that I didn’t work there but I didn’t want to come off indignant and she really was sincere in her request. I went ahead and assisted her, highly recommending my preferred brand that I wear. She said she would try them out since she was clueless about tights. She thanked me and proceeded to the cashier. I stood there thinking that I just did someone else’s job. How nice it must be to come to work, stand around and talk, do minimum customer service and still collect a paycheck. I became frustrated because there are people out there, like myself, that continue to hit the pavement looking for employment and there are some people gainfully employed showing up just to fog a mirror. If I sound a little bitter, I am. Right now, a job is something you are paid to do. Do it! If you don’t like your job, you have an option; exercise it and find work that you do like. There is someone out there who would gladly show up and appreciate having somewhere to work and get paid to do so. As I continued to look through the selection of hosiery,  I couldn’t find my size in the color  I needed. However, I did leave the store knowing that I helped someone discover a new brand of hosiery. You can call it paying if forward; I call it another satisfied customer.


Walking through the fire

I could not predict this and neither could the clairvoyant reader I recently paid $100 to take a look into my future and give me a timeline as to when I will be employed full-time. The clairvoyant reader did confirm what I already knew; that I was going through a “transformation”.   Uh, do not think I needed to have paid $100 for that piece of information.

 As I contemplate a career change, I find myself asking the question, “how did I end up here?” Being in this position sucks! For a type A personality whose driven to succeed, it is a major blow to my inflated ego. This is not a coincidence but a true testament that I am where I am suppose to be in my life whether I like it or not. I constantly remind myself, I am not alone in my quest to find full-time employment however, I am alone to discover my “purpose” and the lessons that I am to takeaway from this. 

 Walking through the fire has been an extraordinary journey for me. I have days where I dodge the fire, days where I distinguish the fire and days where the fire leaves me in ashes. On those days, I take the defeat, then I metamorphosis into another form of myself, pick myself up and keep on moving on.

 I have several friends who continue to tell me, that I will get through this. The person that I become once I do get through the fire, is the person I am looking forward to meeting.


Talking about SmartBlog On Social Media » A conversation with Olivier Blanchard

SmartBlog On Social Media » A conversation with Olivier Blanchard

This is a really good article for all marketers to start the conversation internally regarding accountability and measurability of social media.


Run Your Own Race

On November 1st, 2009, I joined 39,999 fellow runners to run the ING NYC Marathon. My reasoning for running the such a marathon was a life long dream of mine. I wanted to see how far I could push myself and whether or not I could stand up to the training and grueling running schedule in order to prepare for the race.  Since most of my training took place during my unemployment, I realized more so than ever that you have to run your own race. This even applies to job hunting. There are people who may be faster and quicker on the race course than me the same way there will be people who may land a job before I do. There are lots of variables that can affect this outcome. For running—you take into consideration factors such as body weight, training regimen, running history, activity level and so on. For job hunting—factors may include, experience, industry knowledge, education, aptitude level, and so on. Thomas Edison said “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”  During my training for the marathon, I worked hard because I wanted to accomplish this goal; I kept up my training schedule even though I felt discouraged because of my job situation and I definitely used common sense while running the race to know that I will not  finish the marathon in 2:25. Although, I didn’t complete the marathon in the time I wanted to, I did finish. That’s the most important take away, I finished! I also look at job hunting the same way, I will get a job! If I work hard, stick-to-it and use common sense, I know it’s just a matter of time before employers start opening their doors to me.


Talking about How Successful CEOs Respond to Failure – David Silverman –

How Successful CEOs Respond to Failure

I would like to re-title this: “How Successful People Respond to Failure”. During my job search and seeking out clients for my business, I cannot help but think how did I get here? Did I do something wrong? Did I forget to turn right when I was suppose to turn left? I feel like a failure because I have not secured employment since January. I also feel like a failure because I have not secured a client whose willing to pay for my marketing services. I cannot help but draw parallels between the two: securing a job where my skills are valuable and securing a client whose willing to pay for those skills. The one thing to note about failure is that it can happen to anyone and it is the attitude in which one takes to overcome such failure. The gist of the story is that failure sometimes cannot be avoided and I agree with that theory. No matter what I do, how well I do it, where I do it, somewhere along the line, failure was due to happen to me. Through all of this, my attitude is to  take the lessons I learned, hold my head up and keep it moving. After all, failure does not have a name on it.


Looking Ahead to the Bright Spot

Last week I finished two proposals for two prospective clients. One was an author whose looking to self publish a book and another was a start up company looking to market a staffing company. I delivered  the prosposals within 72 hours of when they initially approached me.  I really became excited because I had two opportunities drop into my lap within days of one another. I believe I put together a very competitive proposal to win their business. I have not heard from either propsect as of this writing, but I am sure, I will begin having a dialogue with them as to how my services can benefit them.


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